Sunday, November 11, 2018

November's Postcard of the Month
Burning Bush!  And Turkeys on the move.
I see it every November and wonder what it's called.  Ha!  Duh... 
Thrilling to see.*

We've seen a lot of wild turkeys this year.
One day recently, my father and I were watching planes and helicopters take off and land
at the Lebanon airport while eating our lunches, and I noted: Lots of Turkey sightings lately.
And, sure enough, as we left the airport, there, right inside the airport fence, was a flock!**

Never even glued my prototype!

Turkey prints!
Made using my lovely round rubber stamp:

The Fixin's

Steps: The Movie

The Steps

(14, this month)
Little strips torn from Orgami paper:***

Variously configured panels of 12 of this month's postcards


* Photo: Sue Bender.  Thanks, Sue!
**  Did I use enough commas?!

Addendum: Saffron

It's our second year of harvesting Saffron.  Amazing color this time of year!
Yes!  That's a bumblebee gorging on the Saffron crocus (crocus sativa) nectar!

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