Monday, November 7, 2016

November's Postcard of the Month
No. 1 No. 2  No. 3...
These numbers don't 'mean' anything in particular.
I just have this cool, brown-ish tissue paper:
with all these number combinations - some of them vintage-looking.
I just liked that 'No.' is almost Nov. /November.  To me, it seemed more a sort of implied ellipsis:
No.1, No.2, No.3... 
And on we go. Quietly plodding on towards all the sleeping disintegrations of the waning season
ready to hold close in; still and quiet.  Well... in a Vermont hermit's world, anyway!  Or a bear's.  :-)
So...  The quick, unglued slap-downs went from this:
 (which I kind of liked as is...)
to this:
 to this:
 to this:
 to this:
 to this:
 to this:
 to this:
 Yes - quiet month, so only a sliver of music.

The Fixin's

The Steps: The Movie

The Steps

32 this month
 I was sorry to cover up so much of this warm brown in later steps...
I really like using little pieces of netting:
fencing? tree limb-lattice? power-line tower gridwork?!
Just wanted to pull in a little more red:
compensate a bit for covering up that nice piece of reddish brown...
And then I just had to add a few 'falling leaves':

Panels of 21 of November's postcards

Been meaning to do this for months - with every month's panels - finally remembered to do so!


Addendum: Mushrooms, Milkweed and Frog

They're Back!  My favorite little Hypholoma sublateritium (aka: Brick Caps) colonies.  :-)
And these nice little Turkey Tails:
Found lots of little Gem-studded Puffballs again this season:
And we ate 'em.  :-)
(Not a lot of taste, and a not-so-savory texture - similar to tofu or scrambled eggs...)
And this was one of our own cultivated Shitakes:
Quite yummy; nice texture.
v Some kind of Amanita?
And a few more that I had identified, but neglected to write down/remember...