Saturday, February 10, 2018

February's Postcard of the Month
Heart shelter.  Half a heart (but not half-hearted).  Have a heart.
 I started with this idea of the tree branches twining into hearts -
it was inspired by this tree I see
when stopped at the traffic lights on my way back from the pool several mornings a week -
but I didn't think I could get quite the effect that I wanted, so I moved on to this one:
And then I just jumped in and started production, hoping the rest would evolve as I worked!

The Fixin's


Steps: The Movie

The Steps

(14 this month)

I liked using the piece of picture framing* to make these 'dots',
even though they were mostly hidden by the red lace paper, 
I just had to add some more of the 'Ethereal' paper.  :-)
There were really 15 steps -
I had glued the pink tissue paper to the back side of the red lace paper
before I started on my production line
The trees were 'punched' from red, black and gold marbled paper.
Thought I should add some more 'dots':  
I figured out what this needed.  Some thready tendrils.  :-)
And a smooth edge.
And an actual heart.

 Panels of 15 of February's postcards

Pretty cool - right side up, or upside down, the 3 lines under the trees were exactly in the middle.
I hadn't planned it that way.  :-)


* And I used it again to make the dots in the later steps.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January's Postcard of the Month
White. Quiet.  Cold.  
I  really like this month's card.  Looks rather Art Deco-ish to me.*

It's really been too cold to try to spend much time at the studio
so for this month's card,
I decided to gather papers
(I'd just found and purchased 3 rolls of this off-white (and black) sheet-music wrapping paper above)
box up  glue, scissors, ink, brushes, heat-gun (for setting inks), etc.
- materials that I might need/want to produce whatever composition I still had to compose! -
and bring everything home to work on in our cozy (wood stove-heated) living room.

I keep stacks of plastic egg and cracker containers
(like @20x as many as what's shown here)
that have varying amounts of materials left-over/not used in past months' productions.
I decided to see what pre-prepped materials might suit my vague musings re: this month's design.  
I found enough of these little scraps of music
for this month's set of cards (appears in Step 13)
plus all the gold and silver squares
- which I'd actually prepped for a couple of larger collages.**
Nice.  Less prep for this month's production.  :-)
Wanted to use this beautiful little stylized deer stamp***
I did a couple of prototypes
decided to omit the gold threads, minimize the pink horizon, and NOT use the bleeding brown ink,
but otherwise... 

The Fixin's

The Steps: The Movie: 

The Steps

(27 this month - not including the rubber-stamping)
I started by rubber-stamping groupings of 3 deer****

 Panels of 12 of January's postcards


*I'm so Klimt-crazy, and had just finished putting together this Klimt jigsaw puzzle - 'The Fulfillment'

**The gold and silver squares were intended for inclusion in these 2 larger collages  I was working on for a display at Espresso Bueno last summer.  I still haven't finished either of them!  
This first one - Arteries, 22" x 30" - was inspired by maps of downtown Barre:
This one - Untitled so far, 14" x 17" - was based on an image of a settlement of yurts:

***Which I'd used in an earlier January PoM - January, 2014. 
I've always really liked this one, too.

****Had to change from a nice brown ink to a black one - the brown bled, even after heat-setting.  :-/