Sunday, October 9, 2016

October's Postcard of the Month
Um... Is that a farting cat??!
This shot of this fierce-looking Bobcat: 
was taken at a friend's house just a couple of miles away.
Decided to use my little cat punch*:
And was thinking about maybe something with pumpkins:
Dropped the pumpkins; changed the moon; added some 🎶:
Changed the lower half:
Changed the moon again:
And again:
Some further tweaking:
And, in the final iteration,
I switched the orange crescent to the right side,
and dropped the bright orange dots.

The Fixin's

Production Steps: The Movie:

The Steps

A mere 31 this month.**

Panel of 21 of October's postcards:

*I first used this cat punch for my 1997 Winter X postcard:
It was my most popular Winter card - and panel:

I also used it in this (much-larger-than-a-postcard) commissioned pet homage a few years ago:
Can you see the cats?!

**Well, really 33 steps - I pre-glued the gold foils to the back of the music/moon hole...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September's Postcard of the Month
Suns' shadows.  
I did do Sunflowers for September - back in 2013.*
But I just couldn't resist -
these late afternoon Sunflower shadows were just too inviting.  :-)
Plus, we had what could have been** a prize-winningly tall Sunflower this year! Close to 13 ft. tall!
The 2nd. place winner at the fair (we didn't find the 1st. place winner):
was a mere 11'1"!

This was my only prototype this month. 
Maybe the first time I haven't changed anything, between first draft and final cards!***

(a total of @ 670 little leaves.)
All the leaves, plus the yellows of the Sunflowers used the thick, brilliantly-colored Lokta papers -
though I don't attempt a high degree of control, their 'bleeds' always add nice dimension.

Sunflower 'seeds':
Light-weight black 'lace' paper.

The (rest of the) Fixin's

Steps: The Movie:

The Steps

52 productions steps this month

Panel of 21 of August's postcards:


*September, 2013's PoM:
**Had we dug it up, planked it, and trailered it to the fair!  We wanted to leave it be, watch it continue to grow.
***Other than the green paper that I used for the grass beneath the Sun shadows - lower 1/3rd.

I'd used a scrap of heavyweight Mulberry paper for the prototype (right), but when it can time to prep all the material for final production, I realized that I only had one small strip of this paper left!  I was about to substitute a lighter-colored/weight green rice paper that I had plenty of, but when I stopped into the art supply store, they had another, medium-weight green paper that was even closer in color to the original green.  So, Yay!  That's what I went with for the final postcards (left).

Addendum:  Contest!

Can you name 2 of the 3 materials/techniques that I customarily employ in my monthly postcard production, which I did NOT use this month?!
Send me your correct answers - I'll send you a collaged postcard!