Sunday, May 20, 2018

May's Postcard of the Month
Nice weather for geese!
I always get a kick seeing my friend Linda's geese (and other fowl)
when I visit her wonderful garden center* in early May
to get veggies and herbs to plant in my garden.
Oh boy, this month's postcard process was a challenge!
I am operating in a MUCH smaller space,
with many of my tools and materials not handily accessible. 
But - albeit 2 weeks late - I did it!
I warmed up by making this little quilt collage:
for my nephew and his fiancee for their baby shower - a facsimile of the real thing,
which I'm planning to have done by the baby's due date - July 2nd.
So then I got down to it with May's design.
Prototype throw-downs:
I liked the sort of gridded patchwork of the quilt design, so that fed into some of the composition:

The Fixin's

Steps: The Movie:

The Steps

(25 this month)

Panels of 10 of May's postcards:


Sunday, April 29, 2018

April's Postcard of the Month
Nice weather for ducks...  
Little ducklings of hope; mother-love guiding the way.
A couple of Mallards - a migration respite - in the Hannaford parking lot!

This is an interesting time in my life - a lot changing.  Transitioning, transforming.  e.g.:
Who am I without Mum?*
And... Good-bye to my light, bright Richmond studio.  (see Addendum below)
And... Hello to our newly installed smoothly sliding door to the back deck!
Thank you Jesse and Mule!

I've haven't taken a lot of photos - none of rain.
So... For your visual delectation I am instead sharing Linda Finkelsteins***gorgeous photos,
which she took a couple of weeks ago whilst visiting The City.

And, yes.  I did do a very similar April card just 2 years ago:
Bare-basics prototypes for this month's card!
Prepping the rain - Lake Champlain Chocolates foil:
the rain drops - Winston cigarette pack foil:
and the rubber-stamped mother ducks and ducklings:

The Fixin's

(or most thereof...)

The Steps: The Movie

The Steps

17 again this month

I got to this point: 
and realized that it still looked rather naked, unfinished.
a nice vivid little piece of Chartreuse Origami paper!
And just a little black lace (paper) trim.

Panels of 15 of April's postcards


 *About a week after Mum died, I got an email from Carolyn Smiles, the Co-Coordinator of the local Champlain Valley group of Amnesty International USA, saying that at the recent Annual General Meeting of AIUSA, I had been "recognized, in front of 600 AGM participants, as being the AIUSA member who made the highest number of Urgent Action responses this year!".
So, a few weeks later, I met with Carolyn Smiles and heard about her and her husband's lifetime of dedicated human service - inspiring uplifting, and humbling.
Carolyn (which was my mother's middle name) came for tea, and presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation.  :-)
Apparently, last year I sent out 450 emails to Ambassadors, Ministers, Governors, and other high-ranking officials around the world.  But I earned this uplifting token of appreciation with so little effort!  Writing a few emails every week did not take a lot of time or effort.
So... If anyone reading these notes wants to give me a run for my money... PLEASE!  I would be thrilled if others wanted to beat my 450, help keep me humble! SO EASY.  AI supplies all the information to be easily reformatted into emails.

**These 2 photos (other than my reflection in the new sliding glass door) are the only ones, so far, of me post-Mum (pM).  This second one is of my beloved 'twin', Camie, and me in a mirthful moment.
With pix of Mum in the background.  :-)

***I encourage you to check out Linda's wonderful, joyful art:

Addendum - Studio Denouement

After about 6 months of being up in the air re: whether I'd have to move out of my studio space,
(the building is on the market),
I finally just decided to preempt any future request to vacate and do it.
Move.  Out.
BIG decision!
I'd been in this space for 7 years and accumulated a LOT of 'stuff'.
And sad.
It was such a warm, sunny, light and bright space.
It was always such a pleasure to open the door and enter.
Here's a few turns around the studio:
Sad to leave it, but I am not unhappy to move the whole shebang (back) home.
(THANK YOU >> My moving muscle: Hero nephew Anthony, and sweet hero curmudgeon, Mule!!)
Temporary configuration, 'til I get one of my 'work' tables moved (back) in. 
 I'll be able to walk right out my studio door to the back yard and my gardens!
And hang with the 'Whoopsie Daisies'.  ;-)
It's been 8 years since I've had my studio at home.  My whole daily rhythm will change.