Friday, June 9, 2017

June's Postcard of the Month
Yes - I've done Poppies for June before - the first 3 June PoMs* were Poppies - I just couldn't help it.

1st. production parameter for June's cards:
As Few Steps As Possible!!
Time was a'crunchin' as I was finishing up getting readyfor the Espresso Bueno collages to go up.**

First prototypes:
Yeah, ok, but pretty much done it (see footnotes).
So then, this:
Which is what I went with - with the addition, on the final ones, of one little red dot.  :-)
And which ended up comprising only SIXTEEN steps! :-)  :-)

And... Got to use my favorite little bee rubber stamp.  :-)

The Fixin's

Steps: The Movie:

The Steps

I often glue down the pieces of music as the first step.
Which is often the trickiest step - I often measure (with my beloved transparent pica ruler)
to make sure that my horizontals and verticals are all straight/parallel.
It can throw the whole thing off, if it's skewed even a little.  Hurts the eye.  
Which is not to say that some slippage doesn't happen - sometimes I get cocky and think my eye is just fine (usually it is, but...), and sometimes it'll slide around as the glue is drying.  :-/
I love this charteuse tissue paper that I found at the grocery store - can't stop using it!

Just needed one more little spot of red.

Panels of 21 of June's PoMs


*The previous June Poppy PoMs:
June 2012
June 2013
June 2014
**Since, March, I've been working on several large(r than postcards) collages - on canvas - to hang on Bueno's walls for June and July.  I'm going to write a separate post re: the Espresso Bueno (Barre, VT) display.  
Sneak peek:
Poppies!!  :-)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Espresso Bueno Walls
On June 1st., Mule helped me hang 27 collages of various sizes on the walls at Espresso Bueno, in Barre, VT.  They will be up through July.
Here's a little slide show tour:
Photos of the large collages
- 5 of which were done specifically for this venue/summer display -
that were done on stretched canvases:
Chickory II, 2017
Poppies I, 2017
Poppies II, 2017
Detritus Village, 2017
Tall Pines, 2017
Sunflowers, 2014
Summer Portal I, 2015
Summer Portal II, 2015

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May's Postcard of the Month
Right after I'd sent these all off to subscribers,
I realized that I should have left off the 'petals' in the bottom middle of the card -
it all would have flowed much better.


Thought about maybe doing a close-up of blossoms:
Way too complicated/contrived to reproduce 21 times!
So then I played with some 'left-overs':
I really liked those notes, but this didn't quite do what I wanted.
So then this:
Ended up switching dot 'petals' for sprinkle 'petals', adding some notes,
and eliminating the 2 stamped blossoms.

The Fixin's

The first papers glued down this month were from this ancient roll of pale yellow/gold tissue paper 
that I've had (and occasionally used) for about 40 years!
And the beautiful Deco blossom was printed by rolling this inked piece of framing
over the green rice paper.

The Steps: The Movie: 

The Steps

Panels of 21 of May's postcards.