Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August's Postcard of the Month
Bears and berries.
We had a nice little rush on the wild black raspberries out back:*
Back down by the bee hive:
Attractive bear territory.**
And, while we haven't seen a bear this year, there have been numerous sightings close by.  
So, I always sing a No Bears, No Bears song while I'm down there picking.  Seems to do the trick.  ;-)

First stabs:
Which finally turned into this:
Which morphed into the final version.

The Fixin's

Production Steps: The Movie

The Steps

Only 28 this month!
The berry pieces were scanned (and multiplied) from some old wrapping paper I had in my stash.
I had a devil of a time with the bleeding of the pink papers through to the berry pieces!
To mitigate the 'bleeds', I ended up layering on more of the berry pieces on a number of the cards.
Found some Black Bear graphics online, resized, copied, then cut 'em all out.  72 little bears.  :-)
Had to get some music in, but instead of sheet music this month,
I opted for my musical notes paper punch.

Panel of 24 of this month's postcards.


*Our little red raspberry patch has also been quite abundant with berries:
**Bears do like honey, but what they are also after when they break open a hive is the bee larvae - for the protein!

Friday, July 8, 2016

July's Postcard of the Month
Water.  Green.  Blue.  Iridescent Dragonflies.
I wanted the composition to be an impression of my luxuriant summer afternoons -
the lush greens and blues:
the darting - and pausing - of the busy birds:*
and insects:

Initial slap down:
Which turned into this:
In the final iteration, I eliminated that 4th vertical
- I didn't like how it bisected the dragonflies -
and added the sparkling green in the lower left.**
I'd wanted to incorporate some indication of the dappling, jewel-like greens
of the late afternoon shadow-play on the grass.***

I also wanted to figure out a way to incorporate some little bit of rubber stamping.
So... since I didn't have a Dragonfly stamp, nor anything else that suited,
I decided to make Dragonflies using a sideways upper-case 'X' stamp and a lower-case 'i' stamp:****
Clevah, eh?  ;-)
I stamped onto this pale green tissue paper that had a nice sheen to one side.

I used my 2 Dragonfly paper punches and 5 different shiny papers/foils
to punch out 200+ little Dragonflies.*****

The Fixin's

July's Postcard Production Steps >> The Movie:

The Steps: 1-33

Quartet of notes >> nascent Dragonflies?  :-)
Tissue paper:
Really fine, soft rice paper:
Heavier rice paper:
A couple more tissues next:
Some scrumptious Lokta paper:
More tissues:
This dark green Kozo paper is one of my staples:
I've been wanting to use this water-evoking paper since I picked it up nearly a year ago!
A couple of nice marbled papers next:
This wonderful, summery, watery rice paper:
And I love using this - surprisingly easy to use - waxy, tie-dyed paper:
Black 'lace' paper:
And green 'lace' paper - to bring some depth to the center here:
Black/gold/silver marbled paper for the verticals:
I did consider stopping at this step:
But I like it much better with my quartet of poised-to-launch 'letter' Dragonflies:

Panel of 21 of July's postcards:


*The Snowy Woodpecker is picking off the yummy, sugary ants from the Hummingbird feeder.  :-)
**The hole punching of the dark green, and then the tacking into place of the custom-fit strip of bright light-green foil - another from Lake Champlain Chocolates - Thank You, Andrea  :-) - are some of several pre-production steps.
***The full photo:
Mule readying his ride (PKMULE) for Laconia Bike Week.
****from one of my several (12) sets of (small) alphabets.
****Punching foils is tricky - 
they need to be sandwiched between stiffer paper - construction paper or printer paper -
in order to come out crisply.