Sunday, October 7, 2018

October's Postcard of the Month
Pumpkins?  Pods and grids - my favorite forms.

Good October color scheme, but I don't really know where it came from -
maybe some need for structure/organization amidst all the chaos and insanity of current events.  

No real clue re: those brown lines at the bottom,
other than that I am very fond of the 'stamp' I use to make these.*
The rows of dirt of harvested fields and gardens?  Leading us to the fruit of the harvest?
Pumpkins.  :-)

"Why 9?", Mule asked.  "October is the 10th month".
Thus the addition of the note/Third Eye (which is also an 'O') at the top. :-)  Now there are 10.

Oddly - given it's Halloween month - I never quite found the 'magic' for this one.  :-/

The Fixin's

Step Prep

Musical notes?  Third eyes?!

Steps: The Movie

The Steps

(39 this month)
Green dot placement was a difficult decision.**

Variously configured panels of 12 of October's postcards:


* Simply a piece of corrugated plastic stuck to the end of a cork:

**7 different green dot placement options:

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