Saturday, February 10, 2018

February's Postcard of the Month
Heart shelter.  Half a heart (but not half-hearted).  Have a heart.
 I started with this idea of the tree branches twining into hearts -
it was inspired by this tree I see
when stopped at the traffic lights on my way back from the pool several mornings a week -
but I didn't think I could get quite the effect that I wanted, so I moved on to this one:
And then I just jumped in and started production, hoping the rest would evolve as I worked!

The Fixin's


Steps: The Movie

The Steps

(14 this month)

I liked using the piece of picture framing* to make these 'dots',
even though they were mostly hidden by the red lace paper, 
I just had to add some more of the 'Ethereal' paper.  :-)
There were really 15 steps -
I had glued the pink tissue paper to the back side of the red lace paper
before I started on my production line
The trees were 'punched' from red, black and gold marbled paper.
Thought I should add some more 'dots':  
I figured out what this needed.  Some thready tendrils.  :-)
And a smooth edge.
And an actual heart.

 Panels of 15 of February's postcards

Pretty cool - right side up, or upside down, the 3 lines under the trees were exactly in the middle.
I hadn't planned it that way.  :-)


* And I used it again to make the dots in the later steps.

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