Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July's Postcard of the Month
Blue pods.
I have done this same color palette for all but one* of the past 5 July PoMs!
July 2012 - The first July PoM:
July 2014 - Tire swing:
July 2015 - Frogs!  My July fave:
July 2016 - Dragonflies:
I see that I also incorporated Chartreuse and/or gold dots in dark green
on the lower left side of all of these... :-/
However, stale as I may be in danger of becoming here,
these blue and green July PoMs are still among my favorites of ALL the past 66 months of PoMs.  :-)
Didn't really do any.  Did some playing; threw down these:
This piece of marbled green Lokta paper, with the 4 cut-out 'arms', curves, 'U' shapes,
was left-over after I'd used the cut-outs for something else:
I really liked the spiraling/helix effect, so that became this:
Which was more or less the final product - minus the bleeds**...

The Fixin's
I forgot to take a photoo of this month's Fixin's... :-/   
So here are pix from these previous July PoMs (above), with similar palettes:
July 2012:
July 2014:
July 2015:
July 2016:

Steps: The Movie:

The Steps

Panels of 21 of July's PoMs:


*Well, this was pretty much the same color palette, but quite a different composition!
July 2013
**The underlying paper was both too textured (one of those very rough 'lace' papers), and way too wet for the bloody blue Lokta loops to be glued down onto!  I let the previous layers dry well (overnight), and used much less diluted/watery glue before laying down the blue loops when I did the final cards.  Plus I omitted the 'lace'. 

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