Friday, June 9, 2017

June's Postcard of the Month
Yes - I've done Poppies for June before - the first 3 June PoMs* were Poppies - I just couldn't help it.

1st. production parameter for June's cards:
As Few Steps As Possible!!
Time was a'crunchin' as I was finishing up getting readyfor the Espresso Bueno collages to go up.**

First prototypes:
Yeah, ok, but pretty much done it (see footnotes).
So then, this:
Which is what I went with - with the addition, on the final ones, of one little red dot.  :-)
And which ended up comprising only SIXTEEN steps! :-)  :-)

And... Got to use my favorite little bee rubber stamp.  :-)

The Fixin's

Steps: The Movie:

The Steps

I often glue down the pieces of music as the first step.
Which is often the trickiest step - I often measure (with my beloved transparent pica ruler)
to make sure that my horizontals and verticals are all straight/parallel.
It can throw the whole thing off, if it's skewed even a little.  Hurts the eye.  
Which is not to say that some slippage doesn't happen - sometimes I get cocky and think my eye is just fine (usually it is, but...), and sometimes it'll slide around as the glue is drying.  :-/
I love this charteuse tissue paper that I found at the grocery store - can't stop using it!

Just needed one more little spot of red.

Panels of 21 of June's PoMs


*The previous June Poppy PoMs:
June 2012
June 2013
June 2014
**Since, March, I've been working on several large(r than postcards) collages - on canvas - to hang on Bueno's walls for June and July.  I'm going to write a separate post re: the Espresso Bueno (Barre, VT) display.  
Sneak peek:
Poppies!!  :-)

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