Sunday, April 9, 2017

April's Postcard of the Month
April winds a'blowin'.

A brisk little jot of notes as I sit typing, looking out at the April 8th snow flurries.
I'm jotting these briskly because... 
I'm in the thrall of deadline fever working on several LARGER THAN POSTCARDS (by a lot) collages
that I need to finish up for a display at Espresso Bueno in Barre in June and July.  
More info to follow.   Addendum teasers below.

So... back to production notes: This one came harder than most.* 
I'd settled on this as my prototype:
Liked the echo of diamond shapes, but not entirely happy with it;
hoped it would evolve into something richer in production.
My paper order arrived in the meantime  :-)  :-)
so I figured I'd perk things up by incorporating some of these.

The Fixin's

But Then!!  I was actually 5 steps into production
when I realized that I really did NOT like what was happening.  :-/

So, I started all over.

The Steps: The Movie  

The Steps

 Some of my new paper - 'Tarasen Grasses'
 And another new paper - Iridescent Gold Rush

 Little Bo Kite Flyer 
copied from a book called "The History of Printed Scraps'**

 Peacock feather kites were cut from the cover of one of my high school's Spring bulletins***:
Rubber stamped some 'wind':
Panels of 18 of April's postcards


* BOTH of my usual cameras - my Nikon Coolpix, and my back-up, the nifty little Canon - were outta commish for the duration of this month's production, so pix were all taken with an old old Nikon and my cell (not Smart or i) phone camera, so most are not too crisp.
** My mother gave me this book years ago:
Here are 2 kite-flyer prototypes from April 2013 that never came to fruition:
***From the cover of Today's Pingree - Bulletin Spring 2014


Work in progress for Bueno show:

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