Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April's Postcard of the Month
Raining froggies.
(Would've been more apt to have snowing froggies...)
I had the rain idea, but I didn't actually start out with frogs -
I made another card: 
And scanned in the little bird
to scale to multiple sizes to fit in the raindrops.
And then I realized that reflections in drops of water actually appear UPSIDE DOWN, so:
Didn't much care for that effect.

And then I thought: FROGS!*
Just a tad more fun.  :-)

The Fixin's**

Production Steps: The Movie:

The Steps***

I really like the repetitive rhythm of recreating each step multiple times - it's soothing.
Haha!  I forgot to take a photo of this step,
so what you see here below is my clever splice/copy/paste reconstruction:
Here come the frogs!****
I'd thought I'd stop there, but somehow, it still just wasn't quite doing it for me, so...
Panel of 21 of April's postcards:


*I still have a whole bag o' frog stamps, which my avid rubber-stamping pal/neighbor Jessica left with me last year!  
My July 2015 froggie PoM - which used 4 of these rubber stamps - was one of my favorites of all 51 so far!

**Much as I really loved the pretty turquoise speckled paper at the bottom of the first prototypes, at the last minute - after I was already 4 steps into production, so couldn't really shoot another Fixin's photo - I decided to go instead with the metallic green paper.  And I was much happier.  :-)   It's all about non-attachment.  ;-)
***Usually, I try to keep the camera settings/light more consistent - or at least tweak the pix so they don't look drastically different from shot to shot.  But this time, I decided I kind of liked the variation!  Sort of suited it being rain represented.
****After scanning/resizing/printing, I cut out over 250 frogs for the raindrops on all these cards.
*****All these final verticals were positioned by eye. I increasingly enjoy the challenge of aligning elements by eye.  
I used to use my nifty, transparent pica ruler 
to ensure that lines were truly parallel or perpendicular, but I haven't done that in a while, instead opting to trust my judgment.  This is kind of true in other 'measuring' aspects of my life, too: size/distance/time judgments - I'm usually pretty right on.   :-) 

My mother used to say: "Being on time, is a sign of a well-adjusted person".   Well-adjusted.  How reassuring.  :-)