Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September's Postcards of the Month

Hay bales?  Mushrooms?
Right behind our property (see Addendum I, below):
Somewhere in Addison Co.
Gorgeous shot of bales below the Hump, by John David Geery:

I'm a tad myco-crazed  >>  I LOVE to take photos of mushrooms (See Addendum II, below),
 and usually I'm able to identify them 
thanks to my several mushroom books
as well as some equally enthusiastic friends, 
Some nice polypores:
And a nice constellation of Chicken Fat Suillus:

In the meantime, I'd made a bday card for Mule
 and was quite enamored with the soft, rusty red rice paper, 
and thought I'd try to do something with it for this month's postcard:

None of these really did much for me,
but then I thought of this wonderful handmade paper
that has cork slices or something right in it, in hay bale shapes!
So that got me closer to what I had in mind, and then a final proto:

The Fixin's

The Steps 

(51, this month*)
Here's the movie:

Little pieces of an old topo map**
Here come the little dots!***
I was entirely happy with the composition, so I added some verticals.  :)

Panel of 21 of September's postcards:


*I'm skipping the tedium of listing each step this month (maybe forever more).  :)
**I tore these pieces from a map
 that my father had used
for a canoeing trip up into the northern wilds of NH @40 years ago.
We still have that big old yellow Old Town canoe.  :)
***Dots ready for glue-down:

Addendum I

I took the hay bale pix one day when my friend/neighbor (and our Town Clerk), Jessica, picked me up one day to take me to the barn to meet young Xephyr, 
her newest Fressian horse:
who boards with Xander, a huge handsome Fressian
who had his own demo at the Champlain Valley Fair last year! 
 Where he met his older brother for the first time.  :)
Jessica and Xephyr:
Xander & Xephyr:

Addendum II

We had a big swath of these Chicken Fat Suillus
I ID'd them with a spore print:
They are edible
though slimy and not any real delicacy...
Here are some more constellations:
Some Indian Pipes
that come up every summer in the same bank
next to the musical little brook:
Some Russulas?
Some kinda Amanitas:
Some Turket Tails?
And then there was this nice little ring of Chanterelles!
Oh yeah - we ate 'em.  :)