Thursday, July 2, 2015

July's Postcard of the Month

Happy leaping froggies. 
A couple of months ago, my friend/neighbor, Jessica, 
(who's also our wonderful Town Clerk) 
presented me with a bag of frogs. And toads.
 Well, frog and toad stamps.  :) 
And I knew they'd make their way into one of the summer postcards.  
Or SOME of them.  
I wanted to use as many as I could, 
but ended up just using these four for this month's postcard:

We don't actually see (real) frogs around our property, 
but there are THOUSANDS of little toads - 
most a fraction of this one's size!
We do, however, seem to have quite a few not-real frogs that pop up in our everyday life:
And Al:
All made by my dear old friend Val.

Not to mention my See/Hear/Speak no evil Rainforest Alliance* 

I perused frog images online, to see what might inspire, and found these: 
4 FROGS (WATER LILIES NR. 8), by Ron Hurst.
And this cute, silly lily - and frog - cake:
Along with this more subtle Japanese print:
I'm always picking up on echoes/confirmations of my chosen monthly theme 
as I work towards production. 
There was this photo of a frog in Philly:
that Maddie, my dear friend, co-worker on Saturdays 
at our beloved Richmond Food Shelf and Thrift Store -
and recently married (to great dancer and swell fella, Sam)**
snapped during a recent PA trip.  
And then sent me when I mentioned my theme during a recent Saturday shift lull.  :)
And there were a few other echoes.***
I stopped by the local ReStore to drop off a bag o' no-longer-needed stuff, and, as I was about to walk out (having restrained my inevitable refilling of said bag to just a few picture frames...), what did I spy but:
Ah!  More frog theme confirmation!
And, since my sole teapot from home migrated to the studio a few years back, 
I could actually use another teapot, so...  :)

I had this scrap of Christmas wrapping paper, that was very appealing:
 that I wanted to include in the materials I used for this month's cards.
So, I threw together a prototype (left), and then revised a bit (the other one):
This bold, Egyptian-y fan paper
rather insistently demanded inclusion in some way. (see Steps 20, 29, and 44) 

The Fixin's

(again: +/-...)

The Steps The Movie.  :)

The Steps

Step 1
 Step 2
 Step 3
 Step 4 - I had plenty of this great aqua rice paper, so...
Step 5
 Step 6
Step 7 - I didn't have enough brown rice paper to do a 'square',
 Step 8 - So I added this other nice handmade brown paper.
 Step 9 - Cool, waxy marbled paper, that implies water rather nicely.
 Step 10 - Here come the lily pads.  
 Step 11
 Step 12
 Step 13
 Step 14
 Step 15
 Step 16
 Step 17
 Step 18 - This is one of my favorite effects - 
the punched holes revealing the bright greens.
 Step 19
 Step 20 - Fan paper made it in!
 Step 21
 Step 22
 Step 23
 Step 24 - And the Christmas wrap.
 Step 25
 Step 26
 Step 27
 Step 28
 Step 29
 Step 30
 Step 31 - Leaping frogs!
 Step 32
 Step 33
 Step 34
 Step 35
 Step 36
 Step 37
 Step 38
 Step 39
 Step 40
 Step 41- And now the dots.***
 Step 42
 Step 43
 Step 44
 Step 45
 Step 46
 Step 47
Step 48 - Just before wrapping up production, I made a birthday card for my friend, Margaret****, which inspired the addition of a couple more notes.  Oh yeah.  :)
Panel of 21 of July's postcards:


*, where I worked, on and off, for @ ten years.  Right here in little downtown Richmond!  That is where the headquarters for RA's forestry/forest products certification program, SmartWood, is oh-so-conveniently (for me) located.  What a great, internationally-flavored, not to mention, meaningful place to have worked.

***I will confess to spending the past 3 Junes rather rabidly engrossed in season after season of the ridiculously wonderful Netflix series "Orange Is The New Black".  Part of my July's postcard production ambiance.  
And lo and behold, doesn't a frog make an appearance!  Poor ol' disturbed prisoner counselor, Sam Healy, is in session with his own counselor and remarks: 
"And now I'm sitting in an office with some weird painting of frogs, 
which I'm guessing is supposed to be soothing..."
The other quote I got a kick out of in that same episode was Piper Chapman's grandmother's saying:
 "Kitten heels: The boiled carrots of footwear".  Ha!! Yup.

 ***Here's how I readied the dots as I got to these steps:
The 3 darkish green groups of dots (on the top left) 
all ended up looking the same color once glued...

 Addendum I - The Birds and the Bees!

Mama Robin, 
chose the crook of the awning
 as the spot to build her nest.

Mule picked up the new bees in May, and they seem to be thriving.
Look at her bringing in the pollen!

Addendum II - etc.

3 (??) cords delivered
 and stacked (by Mule)
 First Daylily of the season bloomed on the first day of summer.  :)
Mum and I 
drew the colorful flowers from the garden.
And I've been dippin'.  :)